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Email date: 2/23/11

In this update:
1. Recorded phone call underscores Walker link to Koch brothers
2. Thoughts on a no-win situation for Wisconsin


Recorded phone call underscores Walker link to Koch brothers
A phone conversation between Governor Scott Walker and an investigative reporter pretending to be billionaire businessman David Koch (pronounced “coke”) shed more light today on Walker’s ties to the right-wing kingmaker and his brother Charles as well as the governor’s role in a national push to strip workers of collective bargaining rights. Shortly after the secretly recorded phone call was made public, Walker’s office confirmed that he had the conversation and believed he was talking with Koch.

The Democracy Campaign has researched and written extensively about the Koch brothers’ involvement in Wisconsin politics. They were among the biggest contributors to Walker’s campaign for governor, giving him $43,000 through their political action committee and also giving $1 million to the Republican Governors Association, which spent $5 million on advertising supporting Walker’s bid.

The Koch connection to Walker is getting the attention of media organizations inside and outside Wisconsin. To see what we mean, go here, here, here, here and here.

The Democracy Campaign’s director was interviewed yesterday for a story on the NBC Nightly News about how Walker’s union-busting legislation is more about politics and power than budgetary concerns. The story was supposed to air on last night’s national newscast but was bumped because of breaking news about the political upheaval in Libya. We're told the story will air tonight and will be packaged with coverage of Walker’s phone conversation with the David Koch impersonator. The Associated Press reported on the same subject Monday.


Thoughts on a no-win situation for Wisconsin
A post yesterday on our Big Money Blog delves into what it will mean to Wisconsin if Walker’s plan to strip workers of collective bargaining rights becomes law. Another posted this morning offers some thoughts about the governor’s so-called “fireside chat” last night.


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