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222 Contribution(s) Found
- Total Amount Contributed: $128,281.00

Date Contributed To Contributor Name City, State Zip Employer Interest Category Amount
11/03/2017Marklein, HowardCullen, Mark AJanesville, WI 53547JP Cullen & SonsConstruction$100.00
10/29/2017Schimel, BradCullen, DavidJanesville, WI 53545JP Cullen & SonsConstruction$100.00
08/25/2017Marklein, HowardCullen, Richard FWaunakee, WI 53597JP Cullen & SonsConstruction$100.00
08/25/2017Marklein, HowardCullen, David JJanesville, WI 53545JP Cullen & SonsConstruction$100.00
12/20/2016Ziegler, Annette KCullen, MarkJanesville, WI 53547JP Cullen & SonsConstruction$500.00
12/12/2016Ziegler, Annette KCullen, DavidJanesville, WI 53545JP Cullen & SonsConstruction$250.00
12/06/2016Ziegler, Annette KCullen, JPMilton, WI 53563JP Cullen & SonsConstruction$1,000.00
10/31/2016Loudenbeck, AmyCullen, Kathleen OJanesville, WI 53545JP Cullen & SonsConstruction$100.00
10/20/2016Ziegler, Annette KCullen, JPMilton, WI 53563JP Cullen & SonsConstruction$500.00
10/04/2016Republican Assembly...Cullen, RichardWaunakee, WI 53597JP Cullen & SonsConstruction$7,500.00

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