Pay-to-Play Archive

On this page you can directly access special reports, press releases and other Wisconsin Democracy Campaign materials dealing with Wisconsin’s “pay-to-play” politics.

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Press Releases

Republican bill would shift $270 million in taxes from business to individuals

Donald Trump joined Menard in funding Walker

The Menard File: See his contributions to Walker and others

GOP bill would make it tougher for some to get a job

Bill would give subsidies to high-end donor for golf course project

Utilities seeking state approval for merger gave Walker $171K+

Railroad that got state wetland-filling permit contributed $15K+ to Walker

Tourism backed speed-limit increase goes to legislature

Legislative proposal would let state collect ambulance bills from tax refunds

Wealthy Walker donors quick to take advantage of new federal contribution limits

Unions contributed more than $83K to help reelect Walker

‘Ag-gag’ bill coming to Wisconsin

Pro right-to-work groups spent $5M+ to help reelect Walker in 2014

The money behind right-to-work: Business contributions dwarf labor contributions

The money behind making it easier to get a gun

Walker's proposed logging deregulation follows $68K in campaign contributions

Ashley Furniture: Big contributor rakes in state tax credits and federal fines

The money behind Walker’s laxity toward for-profit colleges

Walker has received $2.4 Million in contributions, help from school voucher supporters

Winning bidders for state office project gave Walker $58K

Alcohol industry, grocers back liquor samples bill

Business group that backs new arena contributed generously to Walker, group

See Scott Walker's biggest contributors

Dems want to ban, restrict powdered alcohol, electronic cigs

DNR to mull frac sand study, legislators may strip local control over mines

Tribes gave $170,000 to electioneering group that supported Walker

Oil pipeline owner contributed nearly $1,500 to state candidates

Walker's whales

Check-bundling cloaks special interest sway

Special interests reap state budget policy, spending breaks

Frack sand industry support spikes with mines

$10 million in 10 years drives school agenda

Mine backers drill with big cash to ease regulations

Road fund gets concrete protection from special interests

Special interests pig out on the taxpayers’ tab

Legislation under the influence

Will payday lender money blitz win out?

Payday lender cash derails tough regulation

Payday lenders shell out record cash to kill regulation

Doyle’s DNR flip-flop attuned with big contributors

Tobacco contributions no spit in the bucket

Is cash warming Doyle to nuclear option?

Big money flows to power

Cable bill supporters got 12 times more than foes

Health care reform opponents hold $7 to $1 edge in contributions

Special interests deny treatment to ailing health care

Tech companies at the trough

Docks unlimited

Contributions recharge nuke plant sale

Money talks, public walks

Doyle tapping wealthy special interests far and wide

Environmental deregulation littered with big money

Taxpayers fleeced as big campaign donors get sweetheart privatization deal

Casino, loan shark money flows to Doyle

Money shouts at capitol

A ‘Three Lie Budget’

Academic study shows link between campaign donations and state contracts

Budget bill is special interest protection plan

Testimony before Judiciary Committee, July 2002

Doyle’s grants-for-cash warrant investigation

Lobbyist’s pay-to-play memo prophetic

Tight budget still laced with special interest goodies

Rent-to-own contributions jump amid try for consumer protection exemption

Payday loan industry becomes major source of out-of-state campaign funds

Pharmaceutical donations up 20%; lobbying up 78%

Senator rakes in banking money, casts deciding vote to kill ATM bill

Construction firm receives no-bid contract 2 weeks before executives give $37,000