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Campaign Finance Musical Satire by Peter Leidy

“Statehouse Crock!” is an animated parody of the classic 1975 Schoolhouse Rock educational video “I’m Just a Bill." While political cartoonist Mike Konopacki provided the animation, singer-songwriter Peter Leidy wrote the lyrics and performed the song with Steve Kantrowitz and Calli Steinhoff. Peter is a regular on Wisconsin Public Television’s public affairs program “Here and Now.”

Peter provided musical entertainment at the Democracy Campaign's 10th anniversary celebration. Peter has permitted us to feature a couple of MP3 selections from his latest CD, Love and Money.

  Love Song for the Wisconsin State Legislature
  King of the Dough
  Tell Me Why
  People's Legislature

Below are a couple of MP3 selections Peter permitted us to excerpt from his earlier CD, "Leaving on a State Plane: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Year in Wisconsin Politics."

  I Crossed the Line
(As sung by former Senator Chuck Chvala after "I Walked the Line" by Johnny Cash)
  Big Donations
(After "Good Vibrations" by Brian Wilson)
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Peter's CDs are available at his website, peterleidy.com