Reform Initiatives

Updated: January 27, 2014

Reforms advocated by the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign and election, campaign finance or ethics bills introduced during the current legislative session.

Recommended Reform

End Legal Bribery

Ending Wealthfare

WDC Redistricting Plan

Current Legislative Initiatives Monitored by WDC

Reform bills introduced during the 2013-14 legislative session of the Wisconsin State Legislature.

Referendum Calling for a U.S. Constitutional Amendment Overturning Citizens United (AJR 50)

Public Financing of State Election Campaigns including a Small-Donor Matching Funds Program (AB 353)

Legislative and Congressional Redistricting Reform (SB 163 & AB 185)

Referendum on the question of adopting a nonpartisan system for redistricting (AJR 80)

Campaign Finance Disclosure (SB 166)

Public Financing of Election Campaigns for Justice of Wisconsin Supreme Court (AB 543) - reintroduction of Impartial Justice Act (2009 WI Act 89)

Shareholder notification and approval of corporate political spending (SB 356 and AB 354)