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  • Recall 2012

PAC and Corporate Oaths

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Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters IE Committee

Recall 2012

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OfficeCandidatePartyStatusPro or Con
Governor Barrett, TomDemCPro
Governor Walker, ScottRepICon
Senate District 21Lehman, JohnDemCPro
Senate District 21Wanggaard, Van HRepICon
Senate District 23Moulton, TerryRepICon
Senate District 23Dexter, KristenDemCPro
Senate District 29Petrowski, JerryRepOCon
Senate District 29Seidel, Donna JDemOPro

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  • Party: "Con" = Constitution "Dem" = Democrat, "Grn" = Green, "Ind" = Independent, "Lib" = Libertarian, "Rep" = Republican
  • Status: "C" = Challenger, "I" = Incumbent, "O" = Open seat
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