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2054 Contribution(s) Found
- Total Amount Contributed: $560,461.81

Date Contributed To Contributor Name City, State Zip Employer Interest Category Amount
11/17/2016Walker, ScottRider, SusanBarrington, IL 60010Exelon CorpEnergy$150.00
09/19/2016Walker, ScottRider, SusanBarrington, IL 60010Exelon CorpEnergy$150.00
09/16/2016Walker, ScottPetersen, Michael JohnEllsworth, WI 54011Xcel EnergyEnergy$250.00
09/14/2016Walker, ScottPetersen, MichaelEllsworth, WI 54011Xcel EnergyEnergy$250.00
08/22/2016Walker, ScottKilsdonk, JohnMiddleton, WI 53562Madison Gas & ElectricEnergy$50.00
07/21/2016Walker, ScottNewman, JeffreyMiddleton, WI 53562Madison Gas & ElectricEnergy$500.00
07/21/2016Walker, ScottKeebler, Jeffrey MVerona, WI 53593Madison Gas & ElectricEnergy$500.00
07/21/2016Walker, ScottFenrick, CraigMadison, WI 53718Madison Gas & ElectricEnergy$500.00
07/21/2016Walker, ScottBollom, GregoryMiddleton, WI 53562Madison Gas & ElectricEnergy$500.00
07/15/2016Walker, ScottRider, SusanBarrington, IL 60010Exelon CorpEnergy$100.00

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