Walker’s Assault on Unions Is Part of His Assault on Democracy

by Matthew Rothschild, Executive Director

February 25, 2015

Scott Walker’s assault on labor unions in Wisconsin is now almost complete, and it’s part and parcel of his assault on democracy.

He deceived the public all along with his talk about “right to work” being “a distraction,” with his insistence that it was “not a priority,” with his repeated claim that it would never get to his desk, and that he would do everything in his power to make sure it didn’t get to his desk.

Well, it’s just days from landing on his desk, and now he says he’ll sign it.

And while he told the Wisconsin voters one thing in public, he told his donors another thing in private. He assured Diane Hendricks, the billionaire owner of ABC Supply, who urged him to make Wisconsin a “right to work” state, that first he was going to “divide and conquer.”

And that is what he’s done, helped along by Hendricks’s $1 million that she delivered to the Republican Party of Wisconsin last fall. Walker also was aided by $4.5 million in spending by Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce and $1.1 million in spending by Americans for Prosperity, which is funded by the Koch Brothers.

By decimating unions, he is giving people less freedom and less self-government. Without a union, people have no say over their workplace lives. Without a union, workers have no voice, no power. They spend eight hours a day essentially in a dictatorship. And that’s how Hendricks, the Koch Brothers, and the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce like it.

Walker is systematically implementing his anti-democracy agenda.

He is giving the people of Wisconsin less and less say over our government by making voting more difficult, by redistricting in a hyper-partisan manner, and by reducing public oversight boards .

He is assaulting everything public, from K-12 public schools to the University of Wisconsin, and even our state parks.

WDC Executive Director Matthew Rothschild
Matthew Rothschild
WDC Executive Director

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