Top Donors to Walker’s Presidential Fundraising Committees

August 4, 2015

More than seven dozen individuals and corporations made contributions of $50,000 or more to two federal committees that were created to support Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s 2016 presidential bid, a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign review found.

The two committees, Unintimidated PAC, which is a Washington, D.C.-based super PAC, and Our American Revival, which is an Iowa-based 527 group, allow Walker and his supporters to raise unlimited amounts of money from any source. The committees reported late last week that they raised more than $26 million during the first six months of 2015.

Four of these wealthy contributors made contributions to Unintimidated PAC (Table 1) and Our American Revival (Table 2) of $1 million or more between January and June. Here’s a little about them and how much they gave:

  • Diane Hendricks, Afton, Wis., $5 million. Hendricks is the chairman of Hendricks Holding Co., which owns ABC Supply, the nation’s largest wholesale roofing supply company started by Diane and her late husband, Ken. Hendricks is the second-richest woman in America, with a net worth estimated at $3.5 billion, according to Forbes Magazine. Hendricks is a longtime, generous contributor to Republican candidates and committees. She has contributed about $530,000 to Walker’s three campaigns for governor in 2010, 2012 and 2014;
  • Joe and Marlene Ricketts, Jackson Hole, Wyo., $5 million. Joe Ricketts founded the online stock trading and investing service T.D. Ameritrade and also owns the Chicago Cubs. The couple are generous supporters of state and federal Republican candidates through a super PAC called Ending Spending Action Fund founded by Joe Ricketts, who is worth about $1.7 billion, according to Forbes Magazine. The Ricketts also contributed $115,000 directly to Walker’s 2012 and 2014 campaigns for governor;
  • Access Industries, New York, N.Y., $1 million. Access Industries is a holding company created in 1986 by Leonard Blavatnik that owns numerous chemical, media, and real estate companies around the world. Blavatnik is a longtime individual contributor to Democratic and Republican candidates for federal offices. Blavatnik has made no direct contributions to Walker’s federal committees or his campaigns for governor, but he did contribute $5,000 in May 2014 to Walker’s reelection opponent, Democrat Mary Burke. In addition to the $1 million contribution to Unintimidated PAC, the company also contributed $250,000 to Our American Revival.

Two other contributions to the committees to note were $150,000 by HF Securities LLC, of Brookfield, to Unintimidated PAC, and a $100,000 contribution by Robert Rasmus, the head of a Texas frac sand mining company, to Our American Revival.

HF Securities is registered to the son of Jon Hammes, who is an investor in the Milwaukee Bucks professional basketball team. HF Securities made its $150,000 donation to Unintimidated PAC on May 27, a day before Walker announced his support for a plan to provide $250 million in taxpayer dollars to finance a new arena sought by the Bucks owners.

Rasmus’s $100,000 contribution last February to Our American Revival along with two $100,000 contributions he made last September and October to the Republican Party of Wisconsin. Houston-based Hi-Crush Proppants is one of the leading frac-sand mining companies in Wisconsin.

Table 1
Top* Donors to Unintimidated PAC – The Federal Super PAC
Created to Support GOP Presidential Candidate Scott Walker
January – June 2015

Name City State Occupation Employer Amount
Diane Hendricks Afton WI Chairman Hendricks Holding Co. $5,000,000
Joe and Marlene Ricketts Jackson Hole WY Founder/ Retired TD Ameritrade/ Retired $5,000,000
Richard and Elizabeth Uihlein Lake Forest IL Owners Uline Corp. $2,500,000
Access Industries, Inc. New York NY Not Applicable Not Applicable $1,000,000
Bernard Marcus Atlanta GA Retired Founder Home Depot $500,000
Robert C. McNair, Sr. Houston TX Chairman Houston Texans $500,000
Universal Truckload Services Warren MI Not Applicable Not Applicable $300,000
Chart H. Westcott Dallas TX Executive Commodore Partners $200,000
Services Group of America Scottsdale AZ Not Applicable Not Applicable $200,000
Leonard Tannenbaum Greenwich CT Chairman Fifth Street Finance Corp. $150,000
ETC Capital LLC Farmington Hills MI Not Applicable Not Applicable $150,000
HF Securities LLC Brookfield WI Not Applicable Not Applicable $150,000
Elizabeth M. Dunn Key Largo FL Consultant FTI Consulting $100,000
Jay Jensen Madison WI Owner Clasen Quality Coatings $100,000
Michael R. Jones Herndon VA Principal Vion Corp. $100,000
Terry J. Kohler Sheboygan WI Owner Windway Capital Corp. $100,000
Jonathan and Kerri Kuester Palm Harbor FL None Listed None Listed $100,000
George L. Lindemann West Palm Beach FL Retired Retired $100,000
Robert Luddy Raleigh NC President Captiveaire Systems $100,000
John C. Malone Englewood CO Chairman Liberty Media Corp. $100,000
John McMahon Bethesda MD Chairman Miller & Long Concrete $100,000
John A. Paulson New York NY Owner Paulson & Co. $100,000
Parker H. Petit Marietta GA Chairman Mimedx $100,000
Richard H. Roberts Lakewood NJ Retired Retired $100,000
Annette Simmons Dallas TX Philanthropist None $100,000
Thomas W. Smith Boca Raton FL Investor Prescott Investors $100,000
Edward St. John Baltimore MD Chairman St. John Properties $100,000
Andrew A. Ziegler Brookfield WI Founder Artisan Partners $100,000
Michael J. Cudahy Milwaukee WI President The Endeavors Group LLC $75,000
Edward and Elissa Czuker Beverly Hills CA Chief executive officer/ Homemaker Legado Companies/ Homemaker $75,000
John A. Catsimatidis New York NY Executive Red Apple Group $70,000
Daniel J. Arnold Rockford IL Owner Road Ranger LLC $51,000
Richard W. Colburn Northbrook IL Vice president Payroll and Insurance Group $50,000
William Haack Elm Grove WI Chief executive officer Haack Ventures $50,000
Robert and Jennifer Hillis Milwaukee WI Chief executive officer/ Homemaker Direct Supply Co./ Homemaker $50,000
Stanley S. Hubbard St. Paul MN Executive Hubbard Broadcasting $50,000
Ted Kellner Milwaukee WI Chairman Fiduciary Management $50,000
Craig Leipold Racine WI Owner Nashville Predators $50,000
Cary M. Maguire Dallas TX Owner Maguire Oil Co. $50,000
Joe Masterston Naples FL Owner Masterson Co. $50,000
E. Brett McMahon Washington DC Executive Miller & Long Concrete $50,000
John Peck, Jr. Rancho Santa Fe CA Owner Peck Enterprises $50,000
Julian H. Robertson, Jr. New York NY Chairman Tiger Management LLC $50,000
John S. Shiely Elm Grove WI Retired Retired $50,000
Launa Stayer-Maloney Sheboygan WI Retired Retired $50,000
Warren A. Stephens Little Rock AR Chairman Stephens Inc. $50,000
Donald J. Weber La Crosse WI Chairman Logistics Health $50,000
Couri Insurance Agency Waukesha WI Not Applicable Not Applicable $50,000
JMF Investment Holdings Hillsboro Beach FL Not Applicable Not Applicable $50,000
SSI Technologies Janesville WI Not Applicable Not Applicable $50,000

*Table shows contributors who gave $50,000 or more.

Table 2
Top* Donors to Our American Revival – The Federal 527 Group
Created to Support GOP Presidential Candidate Scott Walker
January – June 2015

Name City State Occupation Employer Amount
Willis Johnson Franklin TN Retired Founder Copart, Inc. $500,000
Michael and Mary Shannon Denver CO President/ Homemaker KSL Capital Partners/ Homemaker $250,000
Access Industries New York NY Not Applicable Not Applicable $250,000
Jeanne Sinquefield Westphalia MO Philanthropist Sinquefield Charitable Foundation $250,000
Richard Uihlein Lake Forest IL Owner Uline Corp. $200,000
Thomas W. Smith Boca Raton FL Investor Prescott Investors $107,083
Skybridge Capital New York NY Not Applicable Not Applicable $100,000
Michael Epstein Rockville MD Executive Willow Asset Management $100,000
Kenneth C. Griffin Chicago IL Founder Citadel LLC $100,000
Al Moore St. Louis MO Founder Moore Food Distributors $100,000
Don Dyer Austin TX Founder Professional Janitorial Services $100,000
Bernard Marcus Atlanta GA Retired Founder Home Depot $100,000
MacLean-Fogg Mundelein IL Not Applicable Not Applicable $100,000
Sarah Atkins Arlington VA Consultant TAMKO Building Products $100,000
Robert E. Rasmus Houston TX Chief executive officer Hi-Crush Proppants $100,000
Donald E. Tykseon Eugene OR Founding director National Cable Satellite Corp. $100,000
Richard H. Roberts Lakewood NJ Retired Retired $100,000
Copart Inc. Fairfield CA Not Applicable Not Applicable $100,000
David C. Humphreys Joplin MO Executive TAMKO Building Products $100,000
Frayda B. Lindemann Palm Beach FL Homemaker Homemaker $100,000
Brian R. Follett Austin TX Founder and president Heroic Media/Majella Cares $100,000
Allison Maher-Stern New York NY Homemaker Homemaker $100,000
John C. Malone Elizabeth CO Chairman Liberty Media Corp. $100,000
John M. McMahon Bethesda MD Executive Miller and Long $100,000
Central Transport LLC Warren MI Not Applicable Not Applicable $75,000
Bruce Kovner Hobe Sound FL Executive Caxton Alternative Management $50,631
Stanley S. Hubbard St. Paul MN Chairman Hubbard Broadcasting $50,000
National Tank Truck Carrier Arlington VA Not Applicable Not Applicable $50,000
Howard D. Crow Dallas TX Retired executive Crow Holdings $50,000
Jay Adair Dallas TX Chief executive officer Copart Inc. $50,000
Dave Graebel Naples FL Founder Graebel Companies $50,000
William Greehey San Antonio TX Chairman NuStar Energy $50,000
Roger Hertog New York NY President Hertog Foundation $50,000
Dan K. Eberhart Houston TX Chief executive officer Canary LLC $50,000
Virginia James Lambertville NJ Retired Retired $50,000
John G. Rangos, Sr. Boca Raton FL Chairman John G. Rangos Sr. Family Charitable Foundation $50,000

*Table shows contributors who gave $50,000 or more.