Representative John Townsend (R) Fond du LacPicture: Representative John TownsendAssembly District 52

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2008 Election Notes and Background

Representative Townsend was first elected to the Assembly in 1998.

He won a two-way primary and faced Democratic opposition in the general election.

Wisconsin Right to Life PAC ($5) made independent expenditures favoring Representative Townsend. 

2008 Campaign Finance Summary
Raised: $26,402 - Spent: $28,578
Vote: 57.9% - Cost/Vote: $1.89
Independent Backing: $5
Raised: $13,190 - Spent: $12,926
Vote: 42.0% - Cost/Vote: $1.18
Independent Backing: $0
Townsend’s Committee Assignments

2009-2010: Aging and Long-Term Care; Colleges and Universities; Education; Veterans and Military Affairs.

2007-2008: Small Business; Veterans and Military Affairs; Aging and Long Term Care (Chair); Consumer Protection and Personal Privacy; Education; Financial Institutions; Housing; Special Committee on Airport Authorities.

Where did the money come from?*
Pie Chart: Money Sources
Cash on hand 1/1/07 $5,933
Self $2,245
Under $100 $3,735
$100 or more $12,934
PACs & Parties $7,488
Other Income $0
WECF** $0
**voluntary spending limit system.

*All figures represent candidate income before any returns.

Contributions of $100 or More*

In-District Out-District
$6,859 (53.0%) $6,075 (47.0%)
*Excludes any returned and self contributions.

Interest Group Contributions from
Individuals and Committees*
Interest Amount
Banking & Finance $2,809.00
Health Services/Institutions $2,125.00
Retired/Homemakers/Non-income earners $2,025.00
Insurance $2,000.00
Business $1,725.00
Construction $1,700.00
Health Professionals $1,500.00
Transportation $1,200.00
Tourism/Leisure/Entertainment $875.00
Real Estate $750.00
Political/Ideological $737.55
Lawyers/Law Firms/Lobbyists $700.00
Manufacturing & Distributing $700.00
Labor Unions $350.00
Agriculture $250.00
Energy $250.00
Road Construction $250.00
Unknown $150.00
Natural Resources $125.00
Education $100.00
Non-Profit/Social Services $100.00
*Excludes any returned and self contributions.

Top Contributors
Contributor(s) City Business Amount
Townsend, John & Maria Fond du Lac, WI Legislator/Bulls Eye Marketing $10,896
Ahern Family Fond du Lac, WI JF Ahern Co $2,925
Sadoff Family Fond du Lac, WI Badger Liquor $2,450
MacKenzie, William Oshkosh, WI Grancare Nursing Center $1,700
Michaels Family Brownsville, WI Michels Corp $1,550
Colwin, Joseph & Dawn Campbellsport, WI Mid-State Aluminum $1,500
Neumann Family Fond du Lac, WI RB Royal Industries $1,500
Shannon, Michael Fond du Lac, WI Holiday Automotive $1,400
Kleinfeldt, Richard & Joan Fond du Lac, WI Fox Valley Savings $1,384
Andrew, Louis Jr Fond du Lac, WI Andrew Law Office $1,250

Election NotesMoney SourcesTop ContributorsBig MoneyProfile Index

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