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Updated: June 27, 2016

Welcome to Wisconsin’s premier searchable computer database of campaign contributors to candidates for state office in Wisconsin. Regularly updated, this database includes records of contributions of $100 or more from individuals to candidates for the Wisconsin Legislature as well as governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, state school superintendent and state Supreme Court justices.

The contributor records in this database generally date back to 1993, although in limited cases contributions dating as far back as 1989 are included. As of 2016, a new state law requires the disclosure of only the occupation of donors who give more than $200 in a calendar year.  Previous state law required disclosure of both the occupation and employer of donors who gave more than $100 in a calendar year.  Please note that, in general, contributions returned by the candidates are excluded from search results. (Click here to see a description of recent updates to the database.)

You have two options when searching for individual contributors. Use the simple search below to search by contributor, employer, city or candidate or use the advanced search to search by more varied criteria.

Contributions from political action committees (PACs) can be found elsewhere on our website.

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Scott Walker - Governor (R)
1/1/1993 through 12/31/15
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Recent Updates

Updated through March 21, 2016 for all candidates in the 2016 Supreme Court election.

Updated through December 31, 2015 for all 2015 Supreme Court and special legislative election candidates, all current legislators, governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, secretary of state, treasurer, supreme court justices, superintendent of public instruction, legislative campaign committees and 2016 fall legislative candidates.

Returned contributions have been removed.