Recipients of immunity in caucus scandal investigation.
Individuals Granted Immunity in the Caucus Investigation

Posted: April 9, 2002
Updated: July 19, 2002

(Note: Assembly Republican Caucus is abbreviated as "ARC", Assembly Democratic Caucus as "ADC" and the Senate Democratic Caucus as "SDC".)

  1. Nancy Gaulrapp, former SDC employee (granted 9/7/01)
  2. Carrie Lynch, former SDC employee (granted 10/12/01)
  3. Andrew Engel, former SDC employee (granted 10/12/01)
  4. Jonathan Carson, former SDC Director (granted 10/12/01)
  5. Kathy Nickolaus, former ARC computer expert (granted 10/12/01)
  6. Eric Grant, former ARC graphic artist (granted 10/18/01)
  7. Branda Weix, former SDC employee (granted 10/31/01)
  8. Melanie Hartsough, former ARC employee (granted 11/6/10)
  9. Kacy Hack, former ARC graphic artist (granted 11/6/01)
  10. Susan Egger, former ADC administrative assistant (granted 11/8/01)
  11. Ron Legro, former treasurer of the Wisconsin Voter Education Fund (granted 11/21/01)
  12. Cindy Maracek, former SDC graphic artist (granted 11/21/01)
  13. Michelle Arbiture, former ARC employee (granted 12/14/01)
  14. Rachel Roller, former SDC employee (granted 2/4/02)
  15. Steve Baas, current aide to Speaker Scott Jensen (granted 2/6/02)
  16. James Emerson, former ARC Policy Director (granted 2/8/02)
  17. Jacob Wittwer, former ADC employee and aide to Rep. Shirley Krug (granted 3/13/02)
  18. Lance Walter, former SDC employee (granted 3/15/02)
  19. Paula McGuire, current aide to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Chvala (granted 3/27/02)
  20. Thomas Boeder, Director of Independent Citizens for Democracy (granted 7/10/02)
  21. Cindy Polzin, current aide to Rep. Steve Foti (granted 7/17/02).
  22. Michelle McGrorty, former SDC employee (granted 7/18/02).
  23. Scott McCormick, treasurer, Independent Citizens for Democracy (granted 7/18/02).