Hijacking Campaign 2016

Milwaukee Police Association PAC

August 2, 2016

Fall: OathSpending


This is the political action committee (PAC) controlled by the Milwaukee Police Association, which is the union that represents City of Milwaukee police officers. The PAC filed paperwork that showed it spent xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on independent expenditures in the upcoming fall legislative elections.

The last time the PAC spent money on outside electioneering activities was in the 2008 Wisconsin Supreme Court race, and during the 2006 and 2002 fall elections.  The PAC spent a total of about $6,400 in all three elections mostly to support Milwaukee-area GOP and Democratic legislative candidates and Republican candidates for governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general.

The PAC has been a longtime direct contributor to mostly to conservative and Republican legislative and statewide candidates, doling out about $152,000 since January 2001.  

Last active election: 2008