Wisconsin Democracy Campaign press releases from 2001. 2001 Press Releases

Testimony in favor of eliminating shakedowns in the statehouse
December 20, 2001

McCallum ducks, Doyle dodges on campaign reform
December 12, 2001

WDC calls for elections board overhaul
December 3, 2001

WDC calls the question on reform bill
November 27, 2001

Top state politicans earn poor marks for shabby disclosure
November 5, 2001

Doyle should challenge caucus legal fees
November 1, 2001

Joint Finance urged to use caucus money for Ellis-George reform bill
October 23, 2001

Lobbyist’s pay-to-play memo prophetic, analysis shows
October 15, 2001

Agreement reached to eliminate caucuses
October 12, 2001

Wisconsin Democracy Campaign statement on possible caucus settlement
October 11, 2001

Legislators add insult to injury in caucus scandal
October 3, 2001

Six well-heeled contributors violate campaign finance laws
September 26, 2001

Hey, Bidder, Bidder: Budget on the Auction Block
September 24, 2001

Reform groups ask Chvala to allow vote on Ellis-George campaign finance reform compromise
September 10, 2001

Blown save: Governor misses opportunity to side with public on scandal-plagued caucuses
August 29, 2001

Democracy Campaign accuses parties of breaking campaign laws
August 9, 2001

Budget becomes campaign cash cow as lawmakers milk special interests for $1.6 million
August 2, 2001

Reform groups urge McCallum to veto funding for legislative caucuses
August 2, 2001

Reform groups file complaint over caucus scandal
June 6, 2001

WDC calls on Ethics and Elections Boards to investigate legislative caucus scandal
May 23, 2001

State lawmakers to voters: Save your breath - Legislature spends first 100 Days in a stall on Campaign Reform
May 9, 2001

Welfare for incumbents turns legislature into ‘gated community’
May 2, 2001

Budget writers accept over $2 million from special interests
April 23, 2001

61 Deep Pockets Give 11% Of State Campaign Cash
April 9, 2001

Special interest spending on state school chief race smashes old record
March 29, 2001

Tight budget still laced with special interest goodies
March 26, 2001

Mathematically eliminated
March 5, 2001

McCallum asked for campaign reform pledge
February 28, 2001

WDC applauds bipartisan group’s campaign finance reform initiative
February 13, 2001

Candidate, special interest spending soars in 2000
February 8, 2001

Green blizzard strikes McCallum Campaign Fund
February 6, 2001

Little air time for candidates at WTMJ-Milwaukee
February 5, 2001

Special interests realize 33,000% gain on campaign contributions
January 17, 2001