Wisconsin Democracy Campaign press releases from 1997-99. 1997-99 Press Releases

Wisconsin ranks 35th in disclosure of money in politics
December 13, 1999

5 local government associations ally for campaign finance reform
December 8, 1999

Legal Laundering
November 18, 1999

Lawmakers don’t make grade on campaign finance reform
November 15, 1999

Lawmakers working on their budgets instead of your budget!
September 23, 1999

Senate Dems and Assembly GOP set pace in money chase
September 7, 1999

Income tax checkoff for campaign financing up again
August 12, 1999

Construction firm receives no-bid contract 2 weeks before executives give $37,000
July 30, 1999

Campaign reform funding survives budget process
July 14, 1999

Assembly Republicans up ante to kill campaign reform
June 22, 1999

Assembly Republicans “Standing in Schoolhouse Door” cut reform funding
June 17, 1999

Nursing home industry contributions distort state long term care policy
May 29, 1999

Candidate “self-financing” growing, adding to cost of political campaigns
May 18, 1999

Special interest contributions to members of the joint finance committee
April 27, 1999

Budget writers approve $750,000 for campaign finance reform
April 29, 1999

DLCC uses shell game, allows corporate money to flow into Wisconsin legislative races
March 31, 1999

Governor Thompson spent $6.72 for each vote he received in 1998.
February 3, 1999

27th senate district home to three spending records
February 2, 1999

Small portion of tobacco settlement could pay for all of campaign finance reform
January 26, 1999

WMC spent $414,979 on phony “issue ads” in ’98
January 6, 1999

Special interests are making their lists and checking them twice
December 22, 1998

Election ’98: What happened and why
November 4, 1998

Legislative challengers in big financial hole
July 27, 1998

Campaign reformers chide Thompson campaign for inaccessibility of information in finance reports
July 24, 1998

The spring special election in the 28th Senate District set a new record for total spending
May 8, 1998

Buy a house? Realtors show political savvy with contributions/lobbying
April 13, 1998

Incumbent war chests bulge to $4.4 million
February 10, 1998

Road builders draw map of political influence
July 7, 1997

State candidates dug deep into own pockets to run in 1996
February 7, 1997