Voces de la Frontera Action Inc.

Fall 2018

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Candidate District / Office Party Status Pro / Con Amount
Barnes, Mandela Lieutenant Governor Dem C Pro $12,744.27
Cabrera, Marisabel Assembly District 9 Dem C Pro $136.75
Evers, Tony Governor Dem C Pro $83,535.53
Gomez, Gabriel A Assembly District 21 Dem C Pro $60.00
Kaul, Josh Attorney General Dem C Pro $20.00
Zamarripa, JoCasta Assembly District 8 Dem I Pro $20.00

Total Spending: $96,516.55

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  • Party: "Con" = Constitution "Dem" = Democrat, "Grn" = Green, "Ind" = Independent, "Lib" = Libertarian, "Rep" = Republican
  • Status: "C" = Challenger, "I" = Incumbent, "O" = Open seat