Recall 2012 - Financial Summary

Recall 2012

Financial Summary

Posted: December 18, 2011
Updated: January 27, 2012

The table below shows Governor Walker, Lieutenant Governor Kleefisch and four state senators who filed campaign finance reports with the Government Accountability Board in response to recall petitions.

The table shows the total amount each spent and raised between January 1, 2011 and January 17 along with their ending cash balances. Note: Total raised and spent corrected after initial update left out activity from 2012.

Click on an officeholder's name for a list contributions from individuals and PACs. Correction: PAC contributions received after December 31 were mistakenly left off the January 25 update. Those contributions have been added as of January 27.

For a list of individual contributions over $1,000 to Governor Walker between July 1 and December 10 go here. For contributions over $1,000 to the govenor through January 17, go here.

For information on independent expenditures and issue ads see our Hijacking Recall 2012 feature.

Candidate Party Office Raised Spent End Cash
Walker, Scott Rep Governor $12,173,778 $9,865,283 $2,681,587
Kleefisch, Rebecca Rep Lt. Governor $149,076 $112,723 $87,918
Fitzgerald, Scott Rep S13 $480,945 $179,923 $370,619
Wanggaard, Van H Rep S21 $121,051 $16,691 $112,759
Moulton, Terry Rep S23 $83,601 $8,390 $118,382
Galloway, Pam Rep S29 $142,133 $14,105 $134,874