2014 Campaign Finance Profile - Joe Sanfelippo

Representative Joe Sanfelippo (R) West AllisPicture: Representative Joe SanfelippoAssembly District 15

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2014 Election Notes and Background

Representative Sanfilippo was first elected to the Assembly in 2012.

He was unopposed in the primary and faced Democratic opposition in the general election.

Wisconsin Right to Life PAC ($155) made independent expenditures favoring Representative Sanfelippo.

2014 Campaign Finance Summary
Raised: $77,149 - Spent: $79,043
Vote: 62.9% - Cost/Vote: $5.12
Independent Backing: $155
Raised: $8,303 - Spent: $7,931
Vote: 36.9% - Cost/Vote: $0.88
Independent Backing: $0
Sanfilippo’s Committee Assignments

2015-2016: Campaigns and Elections; Financial Institutions; Health (Chair); Mental Health Reform; Transportation.

2013-2014: Financial Institutions; Health (Chair); Housing and Real Estate; Jobs, Economy and Mining; Transportation; Urban Education; Speaker's Taskforce on Mental Health.

Where did the money come from?*
Pie Chart: Money Sources
Cash on hand 1/1/13** $5,329
Self $0
Under $100 $13,378
$100 or more $48,174
PACs & Parties $15,597
Other Income $0

*All figures represent candidate income before any returns.
**Beginning of candidate's election cycle.

Contributions of $100 or More*
In-District Out-District
$4,370 (9.2%) $43,334 (90.8%)

*Includes all contributions from contributors of $100 or more to the candidate in a calendar year.

Excludes any returned and self contributions.

**Dates coincide with candidate's election cycle.

Interest Group Contributions from
Individuals and Committees*
Interest Amount
Health Services/Institutions $10,900.00
Construction $6,383.49
Banking & Finance $5,497.90
Real Estate $5,410.00
Health Professionals $4,900.00
Manufacturing & Distributing $4,425.00
Transportation $3,825.00
Lawyers/Law Firms/Lobbyists $3,575.00
Retired/Homemakers/Non-income earners $3,335.00
Natural Resources $3,300.00
Political/Ideological $2,347.36
Insurance $2,308.00
Tourism/Leisure/Entertainment $1,800.00
Labor Unions $1,500.00
Education $1,145.00
Unknown $900.00
Civil servant/public employee $750.00
Business $500.00
Telecommunications & Computers $150.00
Road Construction $100.00

* Individual contributions includes all contributions
from contributors of $100 or more to the candidate
in a calendar year.

Committee contributions of any amount are included.

Any returned and self contributions are excluded.

**Dates coincide with candidate's election cycle.

Top Contributors
Contributor(s) City Business Amount
Sanfelippo, Joe & Michael New Berlin, WI Legislator/American United Taxi Cab Services $12,489
Rajani, Karl & Patricia Faulhaber Milwaukee, WI Genesis Healthcare USA/Horizon New Technology Investments $2,000
Haag, Scott & Linda Milwaukee, WI Moore Oil Co $1,200
Abele, Chris Milwaukee, WI Milwaukee County Executive $1,000
Breunig, Kendall & Diane Franklin, WI Sunset Investors $1,000
Joseph, Thomas & Carol Omro, WI Magnum Products $1,000
Taylor, Don Waukesha, WI Waukesha State Bank $1,000
Kaczynski, Paul & Amy New Berlin, WI Cardinal Fabricating $925
Sanfelippo, Patricia New Berlin, WI Retired $850
Maliszewski, James Franklin, WI Reliable Plating Works Inc $775

Election NotesMoney SourcesTop ContributorsBig Money2014 Economic StatementProfile Index