2014 Campaign Finance Profile - Doug La Follette

Doug La Follette (D) Picture: Secretary of State Doug La FolletteSecretary of State

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2014 Election Notes and Background

Secretary of State Doug La Follette first served as secretary of state for one four-year term starting in 1975 and was elected again in 1982.

He was unopposed in the primary and faced Republican, Constitution Party and Independent opposition in the general election.

2014 Campaign Finance Summary
La Follette
Raised: $11,586 - Spent: $15,372
Vote: 50.0% - Cost/Vote: $0.01
Independent Backing: $0
Raised: $80,533 - Spent: $79,378
Vote: 46.3% - Cost/Vote: $0.07
Independent Backing: $0
Where did the money come from?*
Pie Chart: Money Sources
Cash on hand 7/1/12** $4,381
Self $0
Under $100 $1,346
$100 or more $600
PACs & Parties $9,639
Other Income $1

*All figures represent candidate income before any returns.
**Beginning of candidate's election cycle.

Interest Group Contributions from
Individuals and Committees*
Interest Amount
Labor Unions $9,625.00
Political/Ideological $213.50
Business $100.00
Health Professionals $100.00
Retired/Homemakers/Non-income earners $100.00
Telecommunications & Computers $100.00

* Individual contributions includes all contributions
from contributors of $100 or more to the candidate
in a calendar year.

Committee contributions of any amount are included.

Any returned and self contributions are excluded.

**Dates coincide with candidate's election cycle.

Top Contributors
Contributor(s) City Business Amount
La Follette, Doug Madison, WI WI Secretary of State $112,000
Stevens, Dan Madison, WI Earthling Interactive $1,100
Brogan, John & Gisela Green Bay, WI Bank of Kaukauna $1,000
Flood, Michael Baltimore, MD Keller & Heckman LLP $750
Fischer, John Longmont, CO StickerGiant.com Inc $500
Sage, Roger Madison, WI Sage Law Office $282
Blockstein, David Takoma Park, MD National Council for Science & the Environment $250
Mallouk, Thomas State College, PA Pennsylvania State University $250
Siegel, Kassie Joshua Tree, CA Center for Biological Diversity $250
Conrad, David Chevy Chase, MD Hamilton Project $200
Elder, William Issaquah, WA Unemployed $200
Wahlers, Robert G McFarland, WI Retired $200

Election NotesMoney SourcesTop ContributorsBig Money2014 Economic StatementProfile Index