2004 Campaign Finance Profile - Spencer Black

Rep. Spencer Black (D) MadisonPicture: Rep. Spencer BlackAssembly District 77

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2004 Election Notes and Background

Rep. Black was first elected in 1984.

He was unopposed in the primary and general elections.

Human Rights League ($19) made independent expenditures favoring Rep. Black.

2004 Campaign Finance Summary
Raised: $15,524 - Spent: $8,308
Vote: 99.2% - Cost/Vote: $0.32
Independent Backing: $19
No Opponent
Raised: $0 - Spent: $0
Vote: 0.8% - Cost/Vote: $0
Independent Backing: $0
Black’s Committee Assignments

2005-2006: Review of Administrative Rules; Joint Review of Adminstrative Rules; Colleges and Universities; Criminal Justice and Homeland Security; Natural Resources; Rural Development.

2003-2004: Review of Administrative Rules; Joint Review of Administrative Rules; Colleges and Universities; Electronic Democracy and Government Reform; Improving Wisconsin’s Fiscal Management; Natural Resources; Property Rights and Land Management.

Where did the money come from?*
Pie Chart: Money Sources
Cash on hand 1/1/03 $137,512
Self $0
Under $100 $6,065
$100 or more $3,100
PACs & Parties $0
Other Income $6,359
WECF* $0
*voluntary spending limit system.

Contributions of $100 or More*
In-District Out-District
$1,650 (53.2%) $1,450 (46.8%)
*Excludes returned and self contributions.

Interest Group Contributions from
Individuals and Committees*
Interest Amount
Unknown $900
Education $850
Retired/Homemakers/Non-income earners $750
Business $200
Construction $200
Non-Profit/Social Services $200
*Excludes returned and self contributions.

Top Contributors
Contributor(s) City Business Amount
Webb, Robert Madison, WI Retired $1,200
Kindschi, Don North Freedom, WI Physician $1,100
Abert, Grant & Ward, Nancy Hillpoint, WI Business consultant $1,000
Dally, Alfred & Mary Madison, WI EDS $1,000
Marten, William & Barbara Madison, WI State Historical Society of Wisconsin $855
Fraser, Lemuel Madison, WI University of Wisconsin $650
Lange, Ken Baraboo, WI Retired $600
Metz, Mitch Oconomowoc, WI Writer $600
Coors, James & Pollock, Ann Madison, WI University of Wisconsin $500
Frank, Harold Laona, WI Forest County Potawatomi Community $500
Gilliland, Amy Madison, WI Video producer $500

Election NotesMoney SourcesTop ContributorsBig MoneyProfile Index