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Rep. Spencer Black (D) MadisonRep. Spencer BlackAssemby District 77

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2002 Election Notes and Background
2002 Campaign Finance Summary

* Rep. Black was first elected in 1984.

* He was unopposed in the primary and general elections.

* Human Rights League PAC ($9) and WI Nurses PAC ($113) made independent expenditures benefiting Black. 

Black None
Vote: 98.9% $1.35/vote Vote: 1.1% $0/vote
Independent backing:
Independent backing:
Black’s Committee Assignments
2003-2004: Review of Administrative Rules; Joint Review of Administrative Rules; Colleges and Universities; Electronic Democracy and Government Reform; Improving Wisconsin’s Fiscal Management; Natural Resources; Property Rights and Land Management.

2001-2002: Assembly Organization; Joint Legislative Council; Joint Legislative Organization; Rules.

Where Did the Money Come From?

Cash-on-hand 1/1/01 $120,768
Self $0
Under $100 $17,874
$100 or more $9,704
PACS & Parties $0
Other Income $15,615
WECF* $0
*voluntary spending limit system.

*From individual contributors giving $100 or more per year and all PAC, party and candidate committee contributions.

Who are the top contributors to Rep. Black
1/1/93 - 12/31/02

Contributor City Business Amount
Webb, Robert Madison, WI Retired $1,200.00
Kindschi, Don North Freedom, WI Physician $1,100.00
Abert, Grant & Nancy Ward Hillpoint, WI Business consultant $1,000.00
Dally, Alfred & Mary Madison, WI EDS $1,000.00
Marten, William & Barbara Madison, WI State Historical Society of Wisconsin $655.00
Coors, James & Ann Pollock Madison, WI University of Wisconsin $500.00
Frank, Harold Laona, WI Forest County Potawatomi Community $500.00
Gilliland, Amy Madison, WI Video producer $500.00
Lange, Ken Baraboo, WI Retired $500.00
Metz, Mitch Oconomowoc, WI Writer $500.00

Election NotesMoney SourcesTop ContributorsBig MoneyPACs