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Rep. James E. Kreuser (D) KenoshaRep. James KreuserAssembly District 64

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2002 Election Notes and Background
2002 Campaign Finance Summary

* Rep. Kreuser was first elected in an August 1993 special election.

* He was unopposed in the primary and general elections.

* WI Nurses PAC ($58) made independent expenditures benefiting Kreuser. 

Kreuser None
Vote: 100% $3.96/vote Vote: 0% $0/vote
Independent backing:
Independent backing:
Kreuser’s Committee Assignments
2003-2004: Assembly Organization; Employment Relations; Joint Employment Relations; Joint Legislative Council; Joint Legislative Organization; Rules.

2001-2002: Review of Administrative Rules; Joint Review of Administrative Rules; Audit; Joint Audit; Financial Institutions; Information Policy and Technology; Veterans and Military Affairs.

Where Did the Money Come From?

Cash-on-hand 1/1/01 $44,084
Self $0
Under $100 $12,347
$100 or more $21,923
PACS & Parties $9,220
Other Income $2,708
WECF* $0
*voluntary spending limit system.

*From individual contributors giving $100 or more per year and all PAC, party and candidate committee contributions.

Who are the top contributors to Rep. Kreuser?
1/1/93 - 12/31/02

Contributor City Business Amount
Madrigrano Family Kenosha, WI CJW Distributors $2,420.00
Mills, Steve & Martha Salem, WI Bear Realty $2,230.00
Madrigrano, Joseph & Kathy Kenosha, WI Madrigrano, Zievers et al $1,950.00
Kreuser, Harold & LaVerne Kenosha, WI Retired $1,675.00
Ciccihini, Attilio & Tim Kenosha, WI Dairyland Greyhound Park/
Cicchini Asphalt Paving Inc
Thompson, Michael Kenosha, WI Family Foot Clinics of Wisconsin $1,550.00
Celebre, Mark & Debra Kenosha, WI Roeschan’s Pharmacy $1,540.00
Deaton, W Craig Kenosha, WI Gateway Mortgage $1,450.00
Tirabassi, Domenick Jr Kenosha, WI Dairyland Greyhound Park/
Precision Erecting Co
Edenhofer, Carl & Karen Salem, WI Joling, Edenhofer & Assoc $1,250.00

Election NotesMoney SourcesTop ContributorsBig MoneyPACs