1998 Campaign Finance Profile Sinicki

Rep. Christine Sinicki (D) MilwaukeeRep. Christine SinickiState Assembly District 20
1998 Election Notes and Background
1998 Campaign Finance Summary
* Rep. Sinicki was first elected in 1998.

* She was unopposed in the primary and faced Republican opposition in the general election.

*Vote November 3rd ($331) backed Sinicki through independent spending.

Sinicki Olen
$1.15/vote Vote
Independent backing: $331 Independent backing: $0

Where Did the Money Come From?

War chest on 1/1/97 $0
From Self $0
Less than $100 $2,205
$100 or more $2,200
PAC & Party $7,800
Other Income $0
WECF* $0
*voluntary spending limit system

Top identifiable interests
contributing to Sinicki
Sinicki’s Committee Assignments
Labor Unions $2,450
Political/Ideological* $2,150
Banking & Finance $900
Education $800
Health Professionals $600
Insurance $600

*Excludes party and legislative campaign committees. The majority of the sum shown here came from candidate committees.

1999/2000: Children & Families, Education Reform, Environment, Government Operations, Tourism & Recreation


Interest Group Ratings 1998
WI Right to Life N/A
WI Pro-Life N/A
WI Manufacturers & Commerce N/A
WI Federation of Teachers N/A
Environmental Decade N/A

Who are the top lifetime individual contributors to Rep. Sinicki?
1/1/97 - 12/31/98

Contributor Business Residence Amount
Mike Goetzinger Food service Milwaukee $300
Cynthia Ellwood School administrator Milwaukee $200
Barbara P. Horton Unemployed Milwaukee $200
Martin Schreiber Schreiber & Associates Milwaukee $150
Carol Skornicka Midwest Express Milwaukee $150

Contributor Lists