School Superintendent 2001 Campaign Finance Profile

Elizabeth Burmaster Picture: Rep. Karl Van RoySuperintendent of Public Instruction

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2001 Election Notes and Background

Madison Public School principal Elizabeth Burmaster first ran and was elected Superintendent of Public Instruction in April, 2001. 

*Her opponent was three-time school superintendent candidate and one-time Republican candidate for Secretary of State, Hortonville school teacher Linda Cross. 

* The Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC), the state’s largest teachers union and a perennial campaign powerhouse, reported making independent expenditures of $276,324 on televison ads supporting Burmaster and attacking her opponent. The Milwaukee based Human Rights League also spent $32 in her support.  Meanwhile, the Republican Party of Wisconsin spent undisclosed sums on "issue ads" attacking Burmaster, and Todd Rongstad of the Valkyrie Group and Project Vote Informed threatened -- but failed -- to become involved on behalf of Linda Cross.

2001 Campaign Finance Summary
Raised: $511,643 - Spent: $503,618
Vote: 59.8% - Cost/Vote: $1.14
Independent Backing: $276,356
Raised: $140,661 - Spent: $141,628
Vote: 40% - Cost/Vote: $0.48
Independent Backing: $0

Where did the money come from?*
Pie Chart: Money Sources
Cash on hand 7/1/97 $0
Self $116,915
Under $100 $81,789
$100 or more $151,682
PACs & Parties $159,742
Other Income $1,515
WECF* $0
*voluntary spending limit system.

Chart: Interest Group Contributions

*Individuals giving $100 or more and all PAC, party and candidate committee contributions.
Self-contributions excluded.

Top Contributors
Contributor(s) City Business Amount
Burmaster, Elizabeth Madison, WI Madison Public Schools/Candidate $116,915
Schantz, Edward Madison, WI Retired $10,000
Kohl, Herbert Milwaukee, WI US senator $7,000
Boyer, David Madison, WI Madison Cutting Die Inc $6,157
Kohler, Julilly Milwaukee, WI JWK Real Estate $6,000
Uihlein, Lynde Milwaukee, WI Women’s Choice 2000 $5,000
Rosenberg, John Milwaukee, WI Telecheck Wisconsin (Retired) $3,000
Taylor, Carolyn Cross Plains, WI Retired $2,600
Ritz, Esther Leah Milwaukee, WI Retired $2,200
Layde, Margaret Milwaukee, WI Medical College of Wisconsin $1,850
McDonald, Merle New Berlin, WI Wisconsin Dept of Public Instruction $1,550
George, Michael Madison, WI Wisconsin School Music Assn $1,363
Craney, Diane Madison, WI Wisconsin Education Association Council(Spouse’s employer) $1,200

*Beginning of election cycle. Elizabeth Burmaster did not actually begin fund-raising until 2000.

Election NotesMoney SourcesTop ContributorsBig MoneyFinancial Summary