Hijacking Recall 2012 - Information on Ending Spending Action Fund Wisconsin

Hijacking Recall 2012

Ending Spending Action Fund Wisconsin

Posted: April 30, 2012
Updated: January 13, 2014


This political action committee was soley created to make independent expenditures in support of Republican Governor Scott Walker who faced a June 2012 recall election after passage of his 2011 plan to restrict public employee collective bargaining rights.  Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch and four GOP state senators also facde recall elections. 

In early May 2012, the PAC spent $245,000 on a 30-second television ad that applauded Walker for balancing the state budget.

At the end of the 2012 the PAC terminated its registration with the state's Government Accountability Board

Ending Spending Action Fund Wisconsin was part of a larger national group that spent nearly $10 million opposing President Barack Obama's reelection in 2012.