Hijacking Campaign 2012 - Information on Koch Industries, Inc.

Hijacking Campaign 2012

Koch Industries, Inc.

Poster: October 25, 2012
Updated: January 14, 2014


This is a corporation created in 2010 by Koch Industries to make independent expenditures in Wisconsin elections. Koch Indutries is a Wichita, Kansas-based energy conglomerate and the second-largest privately owned company in the United States. As of fall 2012, Its owners, brothers Charles and David Koch, had contributed more than $100 million to conservative political and social causes throughout the U.S., according to numerous media reports - here, here and here

In addition to independent expenditures through this corporation and direct contributions to candidates from its political action committee, the billionaire brothers are also the major funders behind a shadowy phony issue ad group called Americans for Prosperity which spent tens of millions of dollars in state and federal races in recent years to elect conservative Republicans.  While Koch Industries corporate arm only spent $1,611 on independent expenditures in the 2010 elections, Americans for Prosperity doled out an estimated $4.5 million in Wisconsin elections since between 2010 and June 2012 - mostly to support Republican Governor Scott Walker's June 2012 recall election.

The corporation reported only $1,060.29 in independent expenditures to support eleven Republican Assembly incumbents iin the 2012 fall elections.

Last active election: 2010

This organization is registered with the Government Accountability Board following the January 2010 U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United v. FEC as a corporation making independent disbursements.