Hijacking Campaign 2013 - Information on We Are Wisconsin Political Fund

Hijacking Campaign 2013

We Are Wisconsin Political Fund

Posted: February 6, 2013
Updated: January 13, 2014

Spring election: OathSpending

This labor-backed corporation was created in 2012 to make independent expenditures against Republican Governer Scott Walker, Lieutenant Governer Rebecca Kleefisch and four GOP state senators in the 2012 summer recall elections. The corporation is mostly funded by out-of-state labor unions as is its companion PAC, the We Are Wisconsin Political Action Committee, created to attack Republicans in nine state Senate recall races held in the summer of 2011. The PAC led all outside group spending in the 2011 recall races at nearly $11 million.  We Are Wisconsin Political Fund spent another $3.96 million in the 2012 recall and fall legislative elections supporting Democratic candidates.

In the 2013 spring elections the corporation spent over $79,000 supporting Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Ed Fallone's challenge to incumbent Justice Patience Roggensack.

The group also supported incumbent State School Superintendent Tony Evers against challenger Don Pridemore, a Republican member of the State Assembly.

Alhthough both offices are technically nonpartisan, the Supreme Court and Superintendent of Public Instruction elections often attract contributions and spending from groups with clear partisan symphathies.

Last active election: Fall 2012

This organization is registered with the Government Accountability Board following the January 2010 U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United v. FEC as a corporation making independent disbursements.