Social Media and Networking

Supporting the Democracy Campaign’s online efforts to make people matter more than money

In addition to this website and our E-Lert bulletins that users may subscribe to here, the Democracy Campaign also maintains Facebook pages, and a Twitter feed. Join our growing list of online supporters and sign up for updates on reform issues at a moment’s notice.

You can also keep tabs on what we are up to via our RSS feeds as we share news headlines and other regular updates on the web.

The most exciting thing about use of online social media and networks is that it not only broadens our outreach as an advocacy organization but also the reach of our individual members and allies. It empowers them to spread WDC’s message by word of mouth in a more effective and efficient manner. Social networks are a convenient way for our members and allies to talk to new member prospects so we've tried to make it as easy as possible for you to be ambassadors for democracy and spread the word for clean government reforms in Wisconsin.

By expanding our social media and online presence we reach a broader audience, build our membership base, and create winning reform campaigns. Help spread the word by sending this message to people you know and invite them to join the Democracy Campaign’s online community.