Hijacking Campaign 2010 - Information on Wisconsin Right to Life PAC

Hijacking Campaign 2010

Wisconsin Right to Life PAC

Posted:  August 9, 2010
Updated: January 17, 2014


This statewide, anti-abortion advocacy group has long engaged in outside electioneering activities in legislative and statewide campaigns. The PAC prefers to participate in as many legislative campaigns each election as possible. Most, if not all, of its spending was on direct mail and phone call efforts.

The amount it spends has declined each cycle from a high of more than $69,000 in 2000 to $8,411 in 2008 for a total of $100,029 in independent expenditures in races for legislative and statewide offices leading into 2010. In 2004 it followed numerous other special interest groups that switched from making independent expenditures to phony issue ads so it did not have to disclose spending on election activities. Right to Life spent an estimated $30,000 on a 60-second radio phony issue ad in the 2006 governor’s race.

In the 2010 fall election the PAC spent only a little over $9,000 although it claimed independent expenditure activity in nearly every office up for election.

Last active election: 2008