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Posted: February 14, 2020
Updated: March 19, 2020

Spring: OathSpending

This is an unregistered political committee run by the Milwaukee-based Voces de la Frontera, an immigrant rights group that provides legal and employment services and citizenship and language training to immigrant and low-wage workers.

The group is active in both state and local elections. Voces has spent about $211,000 since 2010 through its registered independent expenditure committee and this unregistered committee to support Democratic and liberal candidates in Wisconsin legislative and statewide races.

Less than a week before the Feb. 18 spring primary, the group filed paperwork that showed it spent over $4,000 on mailings to support Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Ed Fallone and assorted local candidates but two weeks after the primary revised that figure to a little under $3,900.

Fallone failed to make the final ballot and two weeks after the primary the group first reported new spending on behalf of Dane County Judge Jill Karofsky against incumbent Justice Daniel Kelly in the April election.

Fallone, a Marquette University law professor, faced Karofsky and Kelly in the Febuary primary. The last two are on the April ballot to vie for a 10-year seat on the high court.

Fallone and Karofsky have drawn campaign contributions and support from some traditional Democratic voters and Kelly, a conservative, is backed by some Republican and conservative contributors and groups. Conservatives control the Wisconsin Supreme Court by a 5-2 margin.

Last active election: 2019

This organization is an unregistered independent expenditure committee that is required to report any such spending done within 60 days of a primary or an election to the Wisconsin Ethics Commission per Chapter 11, Subchapter X of Wisconsin Statutes.