Top Interest Group Spenders in Wisconsin Statewide and Legislative Elections

Posted: June 8, 2015
Updated: May 10, 2019

The table below shows groups that spent more than $2 million on independent expenditures or issue ads in Wisconsin's statewide and legislative elections since the beginning of 2010 and through April 2019. The groups in the table are listed in descending order by spending.

This table will be updated with spending by groups in future elections.

For more detailed information about the activities of these groups in state elections, see our "Interest Group Spending" feature.

Greater Wisconsin Committee* $40,792,775
Republican Governors Association* $29,496,426
Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce* $25,129,330
We Are Wisconsin $17,968,276
Americans for Prosperity* $14,324,761
Democratic Governors Association* $13,485,929
Wisconsin Club for Growth* $11,370,239
American Federation for Children* $7,401,128
Republican State Leadership Committee* $5,012,250
National Rifle Association $4,591,163
Wisconsin for Falk $4,474,654
Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters $3,219,455
Wisconsin Alliance for Reform* $3,105,000
Wisconsin Education Association Council $2,947,214
Republican Attorneys General Association $2,833,949
Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin $2,742,005
Citizens for a Strong America* $2,720,504
Emily's List $2,482,544
Democratic Attorneys General Association $2,180,854

*All or part of the group’s spending was estimated by the Democracy Campaign because the group engaged in secret issue ad spending.