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Hijacking Justice 2011

Advancing Wisconsin

Posted: March 25, 2011
Updated: January 16, 2014

Estimaged Spending: $10,000

This Madison-based group was created in 2008 to support Democratic candidates for statewide office and the legislature mostly with grassroots organizing, canvassing, door-to-door literature drops and negative mailings.

Advancing Wisconsin Flyers
Advancing Wisconsin Anti-Prosser Flyer

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2nd Advancing Wisconsin Flyer

The group made independent expenditures in the 2008 and 2010 fall elections and sponsored phony issue ads in the 2009 spring elections.

Advancing Wisconsin sponsored a flyer against incumbent Supreme Court Justice David Prosser who faced challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg for a 10-year seat on the state’s high court in the April 5 spring elections. The flyer called Prosser a puppet of Republican Governor Scott Walker. It said the pair voted the same 95 percent of the time when they served together in the legislature in 1995-96, and that they both favor breaks for big corporations over working families.

Advancing  Wisconsin's second flyer did not name a candidate in the Supreme Court election but portrayed the April 5 election as a chance to vote against Walker and his policies.

Some background: Early in 2011 Walker introduced a controversial plan to abolish most public employee collective bargaining rights. The plan drew weeks of protests at the State Capitol by tens of thousands of state and local public employees and their supporters. Fourteen Democratic senators left the state in mid-February for nearly a month in an unsuccessful effort to prevent the GOP-controlled state Senate from passing the bill. By the time of the Supreme Court election, the controversy had resulted in recall efforts against 16 Democratic and Republican senators.

Last active election: 2009