Hijacking Special Elections and Recall 2011 - Information on Greater Wisconsin Committee PAC

Hijacking Special Elections and Recall 2011

Greater Wisconsin Committee PAC

Posted: June 24, 2011
Updated: January 14, 2014


This political action committee was first formed in mid-2004 by the Greater Wisconsin Committee and makes independent expenditures on negative radio, television and newspaper advertising and mailings to support Democratic candidates and oppose Republican candidates. The group gets its cash primarily from labor and business interests. One prominent donor in 2010 was Governor Jim Doyle whose campaign committee gave Greater Wisconsin $1 million in August of that year.

In addition to its political action committee, the Greater Wisconsin Committee also makes independent expenditures through a registered corporation called the Greater Wisconsin Political Independent Expenditure Fund, also active in the 2011 recall elections. 

The Greater Wisconsin Committee also runs unregulated issue ads and used them against the five Republican senators targeted for recall.

It also runs an unregulated, secretive 527 group called the Greater Wisconsin Political Fund.

Last active election: 2010