Hijacking Special Elections and Recall 2011 - Information on PFFW Defense Fund

Hijacking Special Elections and Recall 2011

PFFW Defense Fund


Posted: July 21, 2011
Updated: January 14, 2014

The Professional Firefighters of Wisconsin, the labor union of Wisconsin's firefighters, first registered this newly formed organization on July 19, 2011 for the purpose of making independent expenditures in support of Democratic candidates in that  summer's recall elections.

The Professional Firefighters of Wisconsin had a long history of making direct PAC contributions to state candidates but this was the first time the Firefighters had made independent expenditures since the Democracy Campaign has been monitoring them.

This organization is registered with the Government Accountability Board following the January 2010 U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United v. FEC as a corporation making independent disbursements.