Hijacking Recall 2012 - Information on Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee

Hijacking Recall 2012

Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee

May 29, 2012

This is a Washington D.C.-based group that backs Democratic candidates in legislative races across the country.  It spent an estimated $400,000 on independent expenditures and phony issue ads in the 2011 recall races that targeted six Republican and three Democratic state senators.  This outside group has a cozy relationship with the national Democratic Party and gets much of its funding from labor unions and large corporations.

In a second round of recalls in 2012, the group sponsored a 30-second television ad in late May that shows film footage of a televised meeting in March in which GOP Senator Terry Moulton appears stymied when asked about legislative measures he supported that are intended to spur job growth in Wisconsin.  Moulton was one of four Republican senators along with Governor Scott Walker and Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch who were targeted for recall elections set for June 5 because of the governor's plan last year to restrict public employee collective bargaining rights.

Earlier, the organization's Wisconsin political action committee also sponsored a television ad that attacked Moulton for supporting tax breaks for large corporations and wealthy individuals at the expense of state aid to public education.

Last active election: 2011