Hijacking Campaign 2013 - Information on Citizens of Franklin 6th District

Hijacking Campaign 2013

Citizens of Franklin 6th District

Posted: November 18, 2013
Updated: April 25, 2014

Special election: OathSpending

This was a new political action committee (PAC) that only registered with the Government Accountability Board (GAB) on November 18, 2013, the same day it first reported independent spending in the 82nd Assembly District special election. The committee's treasurer was Franklin resident Susanne Mayer, a contributor to Senator Alberta Darling's recall campaign in 2011. Mayer is identified as a homemaker on Darling's campaign finance reports, and she is the spouse of QPS Employment Group President Scott Mayer, a campaign contributor to Governor Scott Walker and other Republican candidates.

The committee made expenditures in opposition to 82nd Assembly District Republican primary candidate, and eventual winner, Ken Skowronski on November 12, 2013 before filing the requiste paperwork with the Government Accountability Board.

The committee appears to have formed for the sole purpose of opposing Skworonski's nomination as the committee terminated soon after the eletion.