Hijacking Campaign 2014 - Information on Jobs First Coalition

Hijacking Campaign 2014

Jobs First Coalition

Posted: October 21, 2014
Updated: May 24, 2017

This phony issue ad group with a Brookfield mailing address was created in 2009 and spent an estimated $260,000 on undisclosed issue ads between 2010 and 2012 to support Republican legislative candidates. In addition, the group's corporation spent $66,500 in independent expenditures to support candidates Assembly candidates in three special elections in 2013. The group's issue ad arm contributed $76,000 to its corporation in 2013 to pay for its electioneering activities.

Jobs First sponsored three mailings - here, here and here - that accused Democratic Representative Amy Sue Vruwink of voting for more state spending, higher taxes, reduced college tuition for illegal aliens and less state funding to help veterans with college tuition. Vruwink, of Milladore, was seeking reelection in the 70th Assembly District.

The group also sponsored a mailing that said Richard Pulcher, a Democratic candidate in the 87th Assembly race, once faced bad checks allegations and was also sued for failing to pay debts.  The slick black and grey flier shows a picture of a man handcuffed holding a bunch of money and asks "how can we trust Richard Pulcher when he's not even honest with his own money?"

Both candidates lost.

Last active election: 2012