Hijacking Campaign 2014 - Information on Faith & Freedom Coalition

Hijacking Campaign 2014

Faith & Freedom Coalition

October 27, 2014

This conservative ideological group was created in 2009 by Christian Coalition founder Ralph Reed and sponsors electioneering activities that support Republican candidates for state and federal office. The Georgia-based group stakes out many of the same positions on issues as other conservative organizations - like opposing abortion and same-sex marriage and supporting less government regulation and lower taxes. The group's website indicates get-out-the-vote and candidate training efforts are among its key outside electioneering activities. The coalition also has a state chapter run by a former county GOP party official.

The coalition sponsored a mailing about two weeks before the November 4 general elections that urged recipients to vote and outlined positions held by incumbent Republican Governor Scott Walker and Democratic challenger Mary Burke on various issues, including abortion, same-sex marriage and the federal health care program. The group also sponsored robocalls in the Madison-area urging people to vote.