Help Us Ring in the New Year!

A Special Message from the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign Help Us Ring in the New Year!

Email date: 12/14/09

Something amazing happened a couple of weeks ago. The governor signed the Impartial Justice bill into law establishing full public financing of state Supreme Court elections, just over three weeks after both houses of the Legislature took a stand for a nonpartisan, independent high court and passed the bill.

This victory was 10 years in the making and is the most significant campaign reform in Wisconsin in 32 years. Wisconsin became the first state in the nation to pass public financing legislation this year and only the third to ever approve judicial public financing.

Most all of the power brokers at the Capitol were sure it wouldn’t happen, especially here and now given the state of the economy and the condition of state finances. But it happened.

The ongoing support we’ve received from so many people all across Wisconsin helped sustain us over this decade-long struggle and made it possible for us to keep carrying on the work that eventually paid off with the passage of the Impartial Justice bill. To every one of our supporters, we give thanks.

We want 2010 to be as memorable as 2009 has been and we have big plans for the new year.

To make good on those plans, we need your support now more than ever. In tough economic times like these, it’s especially hard for nonprofit organizations to raise funds. The holiday season is critical, as 40% of charitable donations to nonprofits nationally are made in the last six to eight weeks of the year. Year-end giving can make or break a nonprofit’s budget, and the Democracy Campaign is no exception.

Make a special year-end gift to the Democracy Campaign. You can make a secure online contribution, or if you prefer you can go here to print off a form you can mail in with your gift. All donations to the Democracy Campaign are tax deductible.

Please consider making a much-needed contribution to help us finish 2009 with a flourish and make sure we can hit the ground running in the new year. Go here to donate online or here to give by regular mail. Thanks so much!