e-lerts 2008

Voters Want Supreme Court Elections Reformed Now

In this update: 1. Poll shows overwhelming support for judicial election reform 2. Panel’s recommended penalty for Ziegler draws strong reaction 3. Public fed up with politics as usual 4. The difference between campaign donations and votes

New Book Takes Temperature of Democracy in the Heartland

With the Legislature scheduled to reconvene a special session on campaign finance reform tomorrow, a new book shows how five Midwestern states with very different political histories and political cultures have something in common: political systems that have grown seriously ill.

New Voices Speak up For Reform

In this update: 1. Senior citizen groups want action on the issue behind all other issues 2. The homogenization of state politics 3. Legislature specializing in gridlock 4. So much time, so little (intention) to do

Clean Elections Bill to get Hearing Next Thursday

In this update: 1. Senate committee to take testimony on Clean Elections reform 2. Attorney group chimes in on need for judicial reform

Governor Avoids the Subject

In this update: 1. More than a little missing from governor’s "state of state" speech 2. Special session on reform starting to take shape, despite Doyle’s lack of interest

Party Lines Drawn in Supreme Court Race

In this update: 1. Partisans give big in "nonpartisan" high court race 2. The week in review 3. Gridlock becoming hallmark of modern politics

Topsy Turvy Politics

In this update: 1. Wisconsin in thick of things in presidential race 2. In search of a good party 3. WDC tallies Supreme Court donors 4. Troha case is conspiracy that keeps on giving

Senate to Set Special Session in Motion

The state Senate is set to start acting on campaign finance reform as a Senate committee will hold a public hearing next Tuesday, February 12 on special session legislation.

Senate Poised to Act on Reform

In this update: 1. Senate Committee urged at public hearing to act swiftly on reform 2. Impartial Justice bill clears procedural hurdle, ready for vote in Senate

Partisans Arming Supreme Court Hopefuls

In this update: 1. Money trail exposes myth of nonpartisan judicial elections 2. Supreme Court candidates soon to become bystanders? 3. Casino corruption investigation snags top local official