A Step Forward for the Public's Right to Know

The state Government Accountability Board today took a step forward toward a long overdue rewrite of outdated election disclosure rules A Step Forward for the Public’s Right to Know

Email date: 10/6/08

exploited by special interest groups to pour huge sums of money into election campaign advertising while keeping the public in the dark about who’s paying for the ads.

Five of the six retired judges who make up the GAB took part in today’s meeting and voted unanimously to assert that the board has the authority to write new disclosure rules and signaled their intent to move forward with the rulemaking.

The board’s next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 11.

The road to this reform is a long and bumpy one, but the board decided today to attempt the journey. While there is still much work to be done, today was a good day for the public’s right to know and the board’s vote was an important initial victory.