e-lerts 2010

One Door Closing, Another About to Open

Email date: 12/30/10

As our recently issued annual report shows, we had a busy and productive year in 2010 and have accomplished a great deal over the past 15 years. We couldn't have done it without the ongoing support of so many people all across Wisconsin. If you've been thinking of making a year-end gift to the Democracy Campaign, there’s still one more day after today to get that deduction for this tax year. Just go here and it’ll only take a minute.

He Who Was Not Named

Email date: 12/21/10

The E-Lert we sent yesterday began with a reference to “Former Assembly Speaker” but did not go on to name him. He Who Was Not Named is, of course, Scott Jensen. Our apologies for the error.

Outrageous Miscarriage of Justice

In this update: 1. Jensen games legal system to get plea deal, gets off with fine 2. Prosser’s pitch

Thank You

Email date: 12/17/10

A big thanks to all of you who responded to our recent appeal for a year-end gift in support of the Democracy Campaign’s work. We are most grateful for the outpouring of support and frankly astonished by the generosity so many of you have shown us in challenging economic times.

Walker Gets Mining Money

In this update: 1. Out-of-state mining execs say “pleased to meet you” to Walker 2. Voters may get chance to weigh in on election spending 3. La Crosse opens up local redistricting process 4. A campaign finance system no one can love 5. America’s magic mirror

Reaction to Loss of Federal Rail Funds

In this update: 1. WDC issues statement on loss of federal rail funds 2. Quotes of the day

We Need Your Help

We hope you’ll take a few minutes to check out our annual report. And we hope you’ll take pride in what has been accomplished over the years with your help.

What Should Be Done Before Year's End

In this update: 1. Legislature should act on reform in December 2. Six steps to sanity 3. Another reform law in Supreme Court’s crosshairs 4. What media should tell peek-a-boo politicians

Seniors Warm to Walker

In this update: 1. Retirees flocked to Walker 2. Mining company makes first Wisconsin campaign donations 3. What secret donors want