What Was and Wasn't Said Saturday

In this update: 1. Reflections on another Fighting Bob Fest 2. Crib notes for tomorrow’s test What Was and Wasn’t Said Saturday

Email date: 9/13/10

In this update:
1. Reflections on another Fighting Bob Fest
2. Crib notes for tomorrow’s test


Reflections on another Fighting Bob Fest
The forecasters said it was going to be a crummy day. Turns out, the weather was gorgeous. Thousands flocked to the Sauk County Fairgrounds to soak up the sunshine and cheer on the speakers. But one person who was planning on being at this year’s Fighting Bob Fest was conspicuously absent.

Doris “Granny D” Haddock passed away earlier this year. Ruth Meyer, a loyal and longtime assistant of Granny’s, made the journey from New Hampshire with members of her family to be there in her mentor’s place. After Democracy Campaign director Mike McCabe was done giving his speech on the grandstand stage, Ruth gave Mike a copy of a rough draft of the speech Granny D was working on last February shortly before she died at the age of 100. It was to be delivered at Fighting Bob Fest.

Her thoughts filled seven single-spaced pages, but these words in particular stood out: “America is angry and divided and rather like a mentally-disturbed person. Many of its citizens are turning away from obvious truths and embracing angry and dangerous fantasies instead. . . . It’s hard to settle arguments and put away anger when we are desperately anxious about our future and our family’s future. That sort of anxiety is driving America’s politics today. And where does it come from? Anger and blindness to the facts are the twin children of powerlessness — powerlessness over one’s own and one’s family’s future.”


Crib notes for tomorrow’s test
Tomorrow is primary election day. To see where candidates for state and federal office stand on some important issues, go here. The Democracy Campaign helped the League of Women Voters come up with some of the questions for this year’s candidate questionnaire.

To see where state candidates are getting the money to pay for their campaigns, check out the updated contributor lists and campaign finance summaries we recently posted on wisdc.org.