February 16 March to the Capitol

‘March to Overrule the Court’ set for Feb. 16 February 16 March to the Capitol

Email date: 2/4/10

The U.S. Supreme Court’s outrageous demonstration of judicial activism on election financing cannot go unchallenged. That’s why the Democracy Campaign is joining with other democracy reform groups to take action. We are marching on the State Capitol because the Supreme Court has had its say but now it’s up to our elected representatives to determine whether what five justices said will be the last word. And we picked Tuesday, February 16 because that’s the first day the Wisconsin Legislature will be in session since the Supreme Court issued its decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.

More information about the event can be found here.

We hope you will join us on the 16th. Bring a “liberty bell” to ring and a sign to wave. And bring friends. But before the 16th, please spread the word the way Canadians recently did to bring tens of thousands of people into the streets. One of the ways they did it was by using Facebook. You can connect with our ”Citizens United Against Citizens United“ protest on Facebook, and you also can RSVP for the February 16 march via Facebook by going here.

There’s also our online petition here.

For more on what can be done to undo the damage done by the Supreme Court’s recent ruling, check out the commentary by the Democracy Campaign’s director that was published in the Wausau Daily Herald among other media.