Let the Counteroffensive Begin

In this update: 1. Two horrible Supreme Court rulings in one day 2. Citizens United Against Citizens United Let the Counteroffensive Begin

Email date: 1/25/10

In this update:
1. Two horrible Supreme Court rulings in one day
2. Citizens United Against Citizens United


Two horrible Supreme Court rulings in one day
Wisconsin had the dubious distinction last Thursday of being on the receiving end of two outrageous Supreme Court decisions on the same day. At a time of corporate excess and irresponsibility not seen in our land since the Gilded Age, five of nine U.S. Supreme Court justices concluded that corporations do not have enough political influence or a loud enough voice and should be allowed to spend even more freely on elections. Meanwhile, the Wisconsin Supreme Court finalized rules allowing state judges to rule on cases involving their biggest campaign supporters.

To read the Democracy Campaign’s statement on the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission that we issued hours after the decision was announced, go here. For audio commentary on the decision, check out our latest Big Money Podcast. In response to some misconceptions and false impressions created by early media accounts of the high court’s decision, WDC’s director posted two blog entries over the weekend, one focusing on what the ruling does and does not do and also on what can be done to fight back, and another reflecting on what all this says about the Supreme Court, our justice system as a whole and the impact of radical judicial activism on our democracy.


Citizens United Against Citizens United
Anger and anguish are definitely in order in light of what was done to our democracy by five unelected judges last week. But the temptation to say “game over” is exactly the wrong reaction to the ridiculous decision by the nation’s highest court. The game is never over.

To rally public protest against the assault on our democracy the Supreme Court launched with its ruling in the Citizens United case, the Democracy Campaign is organizing Citizens United Against Citizens United. We've posted a petition on our web site with this simple statement: “The Supreme Court is dead wrong. Money is not speech. Corporations are not people. Public offices are not commodities. And elections are not mere marketplaces where these public offices are bought and sold.” If you agree, go here to sign the petition and send a message to the Supreme Court and elected officials.

You also can join the protest on Facebook.