e-lerts 2010

The Secret Auction

In this update: 1. Interest groups report spending $10M on state elections 2. A true friend lost 3. Throwback journalism 4. Infantile politics

Stash-for-Stand Politics

In this update: 1. Road builders warm up to Walker after flip-flops 2. Elections fuel concerns over disclosure 3. How a warped view of free speech is ushering in plutocracy

When the Dust Settles

In this update: 1. The election is over, now it’s time to get to work 2. Watch ‘Democracy vs. Money Madness’ on MPTV

The Pathetic State of Election Campaigning

In this update: 1. Keeping tabs on Auction 2010 2. The increasingly ugly nature of political campaigning

Following the Money in the Age of Peek-a-Boo Politics

In this update: 1. Searchable donor database updated 2. Peek-a-boo politicians 3. Rich interests taking more than full advantage of Supreme Court ruling 4. Bet-hedging report subject of business journal commentary

Outside Interference in State Elections

In this update: 1. Jensen keeps busy while waiting for new trial 2. Koch Industries plans intervention in state elections 3. Help WDC monitor outside interest group electioneering

Public Hearing Thursday on Judicial Ethics

In this update: 1. Study committee to hear public Thursday on judicial ethics 2. Buying elections, 2010 style 3. Escaping a Cash-22

Following the Money Ain't So Easy Anymore

In this update: 1. The least transparent election in memory 2. Damned either way 3. Odds and ends

Auction 2010

In this update: 1. Legislative candidates raised record $1.9M in July and August 2. Why there’s a contract out on the Internet’s life 3. Big donor is subject of criminal investigation 4. Drawing a better Wisconsin

One Hit, One Miss for Reform

In this update: 1. Fair Elections Now Act gets committee OK; disclosure bill falls one vote short 2. The third stage of ownership 3. Bet-hedging report in the news