e-lerts 2010

Big Donors Hedge Bets in Governor's Race

In this update: 1. Wealthy interests give to both Walker and Barrett 2. House committee to vote on Fair Elections Now Act tomorrow 3. TV ad spending tops $10 million in primary election for governor 4. Federal court upholds disclosure in Minnesota; Wisconsin rules remain in limbo

When Judges Should Step Aside

In this update: 1. WDC testifies for second time on judicial ethics 2. Missed this year’s Fighting Bob Fest? Check out the videotape

What Was and Wasn't Said Saturday

In this update: 1. Reflections on another Fighting Bob Fest 2. Crib notes for tomorrow’s test

Donor Databases Updated

In this update: 1. Searchable databases updated with over 30,000 new records of donations 2. Countdown to Bob Fest 3. Diagnose the illness, get blamed for spreading the infection

See You in Baraboo

In this update: 1. Chicken soup for the citizen’s soul 2. Most candidates mum on democracy issues 3. Board moves to cement corporate disclosure rules

Super-Rich Give Big to Smear Groups

In this update: 1. “527s” raise record cash from tiny cadre of Wisconsin donors 2. Report on “new judicial politics” opening eyes

Disclosure Under Assault

In this update: 1. Court battles rage over new disclosure rules 2. Wisconsin figures prominently in national report on judicial politics 3. The Achilles’ heel of most every politician

Record Fundraising by Legislative Candidates

In this update: 1. Legislative races draw record attention from donors 2. Groups seek injunction preventing enforcement of disclosure rules

Strange Bedfellows File Anti-Disclosure Lawsuit

Liberal and conservative groups team up to attack new disclosure rules Two advocacy groups have filed a lawsuit in federal court aimed at blocking new campaign finance disclosure rules that were approved by the state Government Accountability Board and reviewed by the Legislature before taking effect yesterday.

Fundraising & Spending in Campaign 2010

In this update: 1. Financial summaries for state candidates added to wisdc.org’s Campaign 2010 feature 2. Where politicians say they get their money and where it really comes from 3. Minnesota gets first glimpse of new era of corporate election spending