e-lerts 2010

Candidates Quizzed on Good Government Issues

In this update: 1. Candidates questioned on campaign finance, redistricting and corporate electioneering 2. Redistricting 101 3. UW poll contains bad news for both major parties

New Disclosure Rule to Take Effect Aug. 1

In this update: 1. Rule closing “issue ad” loophole on course to take effect August 1 2. Legislative study committee looking at judicial recusal and discipline 3. Number of legislative candidates up sharply 4. Blog on redistricting picked up as newspaper column

In Search of Better Redistricting

In Search of Better Redistricting

Email date: 7/13/10

Barrett calls for redistricting reform
As a former state legislator and congressman, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett knows better than most how important – and political – the redrawing of legislative and congressional districts really is. Now as a candidate for governor, Barrett is saying there must be a better way to handle this once-a-decade task. We couldn't agree more. That’s the subject of our latest Big Money Blog.

The Democracy Campaign is working with other groups in Wisconsin and four other Great Lakes states to push for more transparent and accountable redistricting. For more on this regional initiative, go here and here. As part of our Campaign for Accountable Redistricting, we are holding an educational forum on redistricting issues on July 22 at the State Capitol in Madison.

To see television coverage of Mayor Barrett’s announcement, go here. For commentary on why the redistricting process needs to be reformed, go here and here.

New & Improved WDC Website

Not only does wisdc.org have an updated look, but there also are new drop-down menus to make it easier to find what you are looking for, an improved searchable database of campaign contributors allowing users to conduct more advanced searches, and a new searchable database of PAC donations.

Another Self-Inflicted Wound for Supremes

In this update: 1. Rule frees state judges to decide cases involving campaign backers 2. Appointed judiciary no panacea

Disorder in the Court

In this update: 1. State high court divided on Gableman misconduct case 2. U.S. Supreme Court takes issue with “honest services” 3. A Stilted Age

Coming to Terms with Our Times

In this update: 1. WDC study of outsider money to legislators catches attention of media 2. Coming to terms with the new Gilded Age 3. Congress bends to interest group pressure on right-to-know legislation 4. Felony conviction no deterrent to lobbying career 5. Legislator sheds party label

Money Over People

In this update: 1. Legislators get two-thirds of money from outsiders 2. Helping those who don’t need any help

Supreme Court Steps in Again

The U.S. Supreme Court yesterday temporarily blocked the state of Arizona from releasing funds to publicly financed candidates for state offices, pending a high court review of a legal challenge to Arizona’s 12-year-old system.

The Fattest Cats in Wisconsin Politics

In this update: 1. Elite donors loom large in statewide elections 2. Anti-reform lawyers emboldened by Citizens United ruling