e-lerts 2010

Good News From Arizona

In this update: 1. Arizona public financing law upheld by federal court 2. Assembly Democrats shed illegal railroad company money 3. More on latest chapter in Jensen saga

Jensen Gets Supreme Gift

In this update: 1. Supreme Court blesses home-court advantage for Jensen 2. Railroad company made illegal donations to Walker campaign

Oxymorons and Other Kinds

In this update: 1. When ‘representative democracy’ becomes an oxymoron 2. Effort to improve public access to officials’ finances falls by wayside 3. States responding to Citizens United ruling

Money in Politics in the News

In this update: 1. Money in politics making news 2. A sign of the times

Legislating Under the Influence

In this update: 1. New drunk driving law shows signs of alcohol industry influence 2. State board approves corporate election spending rule 3. Blogging up a storm

Legislature Says Talk to the Hand

In this update: 1. Newspapers join in calling lawmakers to complete unfinished work 2. The Legislature’s invisible hand 3. Hawaii calls for constitutional wall between corporations and politics

Unfinished Business

In this update: 1. A “monument to dysfunction” 2. Feingold and colleagues push for campaign finance law repairs

Donors Who Gave Too Much

In this update: 1. WDC flags 11 who gave more to campaigns than state law allows 2. “Full-time” work to die for

Legislature Goes Out Like a Lamb

In this update: 1. Final-day legislative marathon yields little 2. Repairs to Impartial Justice Act passed by Legislature

Are Politicians Nocturnal?

In this update: 1. Nocturnal lawmaking 2. The new American colonies 3. Governing under the influence