e-lerts 2010

4 More Days to Spread the Word

In this update: 1. Organizing for Tuesday’s march enters final phase 2. Anti-incumbent sentiment reaching fever pitch 3. State Supreme Court split in half over Gableman

Tomorrow: Wisconsin to Protest Citizens United v. FEC

In this update: 1. March to Overrule the Court - NOON TOMORROW 2. Assembly to act on watered-down payday loan bill 3. Bill giving localities option to reform campaign finances to get hearing 4. Money looms large in race for governor

Rally Against Court Ruling & New Report on Fundraising

In this update: 1. Hundreds protest Supreme Court ruling on election financing 2. State legislative fundraising declines 3. Take action to overrule the court 4. “Making Change Happen” theme of grassroots festival Saturday 5. Loan sharks dodge interest rate cap in Assembly

Supreme Court Out of Step with America

In this update: 1. Public overwhelmingly opposes Supreme Court election finance ruling 2. Sour economy no deterrent to lobbying trade 3. PAC contributions updated on wisdc.org 4. Small reforms edging forward 5. PBS focuses on corruption of judicial elections

Payday Lender Bill Stalls as Money Flows

In this update: 1. Payday lenders lubricating legislative machinery 2. Shareholder consent bill to get hearing

Payday for Legislative Leaders

In this update: 1. WDC report on payday lender donations to leadership PACs causes stir 2. First Wisconsin, then Maryland. Where next?

Elite Political Donors Dig Deep

In this update: 1. “527s” rake in record cash from elite Wisconsin donors 2. Legislation aimed at saving public access television 3. Iowa out in front on corporate accountability for political spending

Corporate Election Spending Reform on the Move

In this update: 1. Senate committee to vote on corporate election spending reform 2. Judge invites reform groups to participate as “friend of court” in federal cases 3. Remembering Granny D

Free Speech or Trademark Infringement?

In this update: 1. WDC accused of trademark infringement in protest of court ruling 2. “Contract Sunshine” website mostly cloudy

March Madness

In this update: 1. WDC steers clear of national group’s March madness 2. ABC News feature focuses on money’s growing role in state judicial elections 3. Words of wisdom from Supreme Court’s elder statesman